about me: i am sorry

noellesaysmeow replied to your post: hey anon: I look hot as shit, fuck you

I LOVE you hair. I love the half shave and short hair. 😙

<33333 thank you bb

Screw that anon I would drain my balls in you ina heartbeat

gross but point taken

hey anon: I look hot as shit, fuck you

your self cut hair is embarrassingly bad, please get it fixed by a professional stylist

actually It looks gr8 so fuck you lol

why do I try to google things high



Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson

tears in my eyes; solidarity arising from such horrible situations is bittersweet.

My friend asked me to walk down the stairs while he filmed me and it was the best decision I made all month.

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